Boys Won't Be Boys BookWe are living in a world today where Boys lack accountability for their actions. Boys are allowed to exude negative behaviors and use the excuse “boys are just being boys.” The challenge today of “boys will be boys” is often being defined by the common acts of parents and adults, as well as peers. This book is written to transform the mindset of boys and those who influence them to empower them and challenge them to live uncommon, to be young men of honor, character and integrity.

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It is possible to have it all.

You can be a real man. You can have success and a good reputation. You can have the respect of everyone you meet.  

All it takes is…Uncommon.

Uncommon is not how most people live their lives. It’s a path to greatness that only a few will find. But in this book, Tim Brown will challenge you to find that path, to rise above the Common world around you, and to live a truly successful life. With personal stories and practical advice, he will help you develop an Uncommon identity. He will show you how you can leave an Uncommon legacy. In these pages, you’ll discover what it means to have…

Event ImageUncommon Swagger

Uncommon Character

Uncommon Friends

Uncommon Relationships

By following these principles, you can create the life you’ve always dreamed you would have. A life that is truly…Uncommon.

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I really liked the book. I like how the book gave you a different perspective of becoming a man. This will help me in becoming a man as well as everyone else who will read the book. Fantastic work and great book.”

 Nigel Harris, Student Centennial HS

“Thank you for speaking to City Readers participants. You have impacted my life so much that I’ve decided to be an uncommon man by making wise choices in my friends, my actions and future decisions. Now it’s time for me to build my nation, the Thomas Nation.”
Melvyn Thomas, Boys Won’t Be Boys, Columbus City Readers Book Club